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A Mom's Testimony

“My daughter and I shared a life changing and healing experience with all the animals and owner Gail at Tumble Tails Farm.  We are women who have been through deeply traumatic life experiences and our time at the farm was a gift to my daughter for her birthday.  Given a long and extensive recovery path from trauma, addictions, life and death, my daughter felt that more traditional paths such as partial programs or intensive out-patient were not working for her anymore. She continues to be open to therapy and healing in any form she can find. During her previous work with trauma therapists she has been unable to find or even create her “safe place” which is an important component of trauma recovery.

We were greeted by Gail and 3 beautiful rescue dogs, happy and bouncing with joy for the new visitors. (sorry I can’t remember all their names)  My daughter loves animals, nature and art and with the warm and gentle greeting a smile came to her face as she allowed herself to be bathed in the love and excitement of her new furry friends.  After the initial excitement settled with the ever so friendly dogs who showed us their toys, we were all guided to a beautiful log cabin on the farm that greeted us with warmth and caring.  The log cabin meeting area is cozy, comfortable, beautifully decorated. It feels like a home that many may not have had growing up. A place of safety and care.  Gail sat across from us and allowed my daughter to be in her feelings and sharing, skillfully offering supportive connections that allowed my daughter to start to feel safe in this cozy space.  During our time in the cabin, our 3 furry healing friends were busy at work offering love, affection and connection to both of us to continue to cultivate more smiles and relaxation.  When we all began to settle in and there seemed to be an exhale and clearing of anxiety that was initially present, and we felt comfortable, Gail offered that we move to visit the horses next.

Gail had prepared treats for the horses and we moved to field where there were three beautiful horses, Luna, Libby and Mandy.  The horses were very friendly and open to pets, snuggles and the closeness of our hearts and bodies.  We fed them carrots and apples.  There was a deep sense of calm coming into the air, as if the horses were holding space for us to come closer to them and learn and explore. After a time, Gail asked my daughter if she would like to experience a hug from one of the horses.  As she guided her to work with Libby, she experienced Libby wrapping her head and neck around her as she leaned back against Libby’s shoulder and tapped her side.  She smiled and drew closer to Libby, sharing how much she loved horses and how long it had been since she had been with horses as she did when she was a young girl.  Gail then suggested she try breathing with Libby and asked her to drape her arms over the back of the horse while bringing the front of her body against Libby’s side.  As she started breathing with Libby, there surfaced deep grief from her heart and tears started to flow from her eyes, so much so that the grief was palpable for all of us.  My daughter allowed herself to let go of the withheld grief and sadness of many losses as Libby stood solidly by, holding space for her and helping facilitate the healing.   When ready, my daughter removed her arms from Libby’s back and smiled through her tears as she continued to pet and interact with all three horses.  After a time, Gail had us move to a hay bin where the horses are offered hay to eat daily, as we hung out in the bin the horses joined us to munch and connect even more.  At the end of our time with the horses, Gail worked with Mandy to bring us more smiles with Mandy’s antics and expressions.

We then moved to have some fun with the goats.  The goats were deep in the pasture and we had to go find them.  As we walked into the field with treats and Gail called the goats, 5 small goats came bounding through the grass towards us, their excitement and behavior comical as they searched for their next snack and time with us.  We walked them up to the barn, and they followed us excitedly in anticipation of what we are holding in our hands, crackers and carrots.  My daughter skillfully navigated the goats with Gails support to make sure all got an equal share of treats as they playfully danced around levying for place in front of her.  She was laughing and navigating distribution as they interacted with her, as they jumped up on a near table or the bench.  When the goats finished all the snacks, they playfully interacted with each other and us exploring and allowing pets.

Near the end of our visit, we went back to the working with the dogs, their love and snuggles so welcome in this new space and place within that was uncovered not only for my daughter but also for myself.  We relaxed with the dogs as they searched for chew on bones and toys.  Gail supported her and me in exploring what we experienced and also uncovered during our visit.  My daughter was smiling, happy and grateful as she felt and knew she had let go of something she had no words for, the grief surrounding multiple traumas and losses that seemed an impenetrable block to healing. 

After parting thank you’s and final pets to and love from our healing furry friends, we headed home for our drive back to the city.  Kristen said she was “So happy!” and went on and on about how much she loved our visit and the gratitude she felt.  Then as we drive in silence for a few minutes, she said out loud, “Mom, I just found my safe place.” and she had tears in her eyes.  She said, “Now, I know where I can go when I am working on things and I can’t find a safe place, I never could before.”  My heart, overflowed with emotion and gratitude for my daughter had just received a gift of healing that is foundational to full recovery.  Happy Birthday honey. This gift was beautifully created, facilitated and offered by Gail and all who helped create Tumble Tails Farm.  My gratitude is overflowing from my full and happy heart.  Thank you so very much.”

I’ll create a file for photo sharing and again, thank you.  We would love to be on your volunteer list so if you have projects where you need help, we will do all we can to make it.  Otherwise, I know we will see you again and I wish you the best with all your vision and work.  I will spread the word!!  Have a wonderful vacation!


My "WHY"

                                      This powerful interaction is Exactly WHY.

At Tumble-Tails Farm AAI Center, my why is simple - to assist you through your journey of human restoration.

There is no predetermined action plan, as I believe in allowing you, the client, to guide your experience. My goal is to simply see and hear you for who you truly are, create a judgement-free safe space, and assist in your transformation and healing.

I am here to SEE and HEAR you for WHO YOU ARE. I am not here to judge you or make you feel unsafe. The experience you have will be what is created in the moment and will flow with you and your emotions. 

I truly am blessed to have the honor of being a part of such a transformation and healing.

I long for more testimonies of similar experiences for others.

Thank you, Karen, for sharing and allowing me to share with future clients.





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